As debates about SF’s housing crisis and high-density zoning rage on, let’s take a look back at how one viciously contentious development was approved in the early ‘60s.

Meet SF’s First-Wave Feminist Housing Mogul

Grace & Jackson Perego (then ages 38 & 10) in 1923. Passport photo from the National Archives.


Helen Grace Greenwood Yager stands up, cradling her three-month-old son Jackson. She’s 28, her patrician features brushed with the haze of new parenthood. She raises her right hand and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help her god. It’s 1913.

Occasional dispatches from beyond the clouds

View from Twin Peaks, looking northwest down Market Street

“Early Summer”, 1951, Shochiku Eiga / Criterion

She became a film icon during the most chaotic years in Japan’s modern history. And then she walked away.

A Story About Singapore’s Urban Development in Six Parts

Album Review: Lust For Life

Millionaire. Activist. Romantic. SOE Operative.

A conceptual work, two short essays, and a sidequest.


Corpus Companion is a system for creating a complete Companion body of work, based on the parameters of an Original body of work.

Background and Procedure

The American band Nirvana was active from 1987 until Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994. I will use its body of work as the example for Corpus Companion’s working procedure, as it is well-known, well-documented, and “complete” (ie no additional material will be created).

Devin Smith

Musician, bookseller, and library worker in SF.

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