Corpus Companion: Nirvana

A conceptual work, two short essays, and a sidequest.


Background and Procedure

A Single Work

Polish bootleg cassette of Nevermind from Acomp records. Note the track titles.

Side Quest: Nevermind 1991 vs 2011

Selecting the canonical version

Tracking down a copy

A 2011 pressing of Nevermind

Side-By-Side Comparison

2011: When one FBI Anti-Piracy warning was simply not enough.
Underwater graphics, 1991 & 2001. Differences in color & exposure are mostly from my end.
Same note applies for color & exposure.

The work as memento


Identifying the Parameters of A Work


Templates via Discmakers. The above template is for a “Doublefold” insert.

Artwork, Graphic Design, and Layout

L: TOC readout from drutil, R: VLC playlist. The 00:02 total time discrepancy is a feature of the CDDA spec.

Audio Content

Musical Content

© Hal Leonard — Check your library, you might have these!

Creating Companion Works

The Golden Age of the Archive

On Replication

Notes, main article

Notes, Sidequest

Musician, bookseller, and library worker in SF.

Musician, bookseller, and library worker in SF.